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4 min readOct 26, 2021


The Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP) enables organizations to equip all their stakeholders with the necessary information to improve situational awareness and resilience. As an extension of these capabilities, the CSAP Mobile App fills an important gap in keeping everyone on the same page when it comes to securing their assets.

The CSAP Mobile App ( Playstore, App Store) has now been revamped with a new look and feel to provide a streamlined workflow and intuitive user experience. In addition, our mobile experience has been redesigned to focus on navigability, user experience, and boosting user engagement.

How does it make your life easier?

  • More information at your fingertips: The new app landing screen comes with a brighter theme that is easy on the eye and allows users to quickly find what they are looking for. Users can now view Alert Details in a more structured manner with appropriate categories.
  • Taking actions on Alerts: The app allows users to create and assign new Actions. In addition, users can further start discussions on particular alerts to boost communication and information sharing.
  • Improve alerting: To ensure that the quality of Alert feeds in CSAP is according to their needs, Members can directly provide feedback to the Admin from within the mobile app to let them know the areas for improvement.
  • Actioning on the move: With the new app update bringing the Threat Intel workflow, Request for Information, and other key functionalities, CSAP members can perform their tasks on the go from anywhere in the world.

What’s new?

The CSAP Mobile App brings several new delightful features to provide users a cohesive and consistent experience even when they switch between the CSAP Web app and the mobile app.

Dark mode: Along with other additions to the app interface, we have introduced the option to set a Dark Mode theme for greater readability and comfort.

Survey: The app now supports multi-question surveys that security teams can use to gauge the cyber situational awareness and knowledge of the security threats of users in their organization.

Request For Information: To aid the understanding of specific threats, mobile app users can now leverage the ‘Request For Information’ functionality to receive insights from Members and Analysts in real time, and work with other users to collect information about threats and cyber events.

Event Invites: In the mobile app, users can also receive and respond to invitations for events, such as webinars, conference calls, and other important meetings, with embedded links to the event pages within the invites. They can view the list of Events in a calendar or list format within the app.

Threat Intel Workflow: Instead of just receiving Alerts in the app, users can now share Intel related to threats and cyber events with other users, or submit Intel for review and approval by an Analyst or Intel Approver. This means users can perform necessary actions without being present in their office environment.

The bottom line

The upgraded CSAP Mobile App serves as the perfect tool for enterprises, MSSPs, and ISACs/ISAOs to engage with all their members, partners, clients, and other stakeholders through real-time alerting, threat intel submission, surveys, and more. It ensures that every member is cognizant of the organization’s cybersecurity priorities and strategy and can contribute meaningfully to their security posture at their convenience.

Posted on: October 06, 2021

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