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3 min readOct 18, 2021


Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP) continues to redefine the sharing of accurate and actionable threat information in real-time. Realizing the significance of threat information sharing, we have added several striking new features to our CSAP Analyst Portal and Member Portal in the CSAP v3.1 release to provide users with an improved experience and better engagement in terms of threat alert aggregation and information sharing.

A new feeds module has been introduced in the CSAP Analyst Portal and Member Portal.

Analyst Portal: Admins can now share threat feeds with Members. By being able to centralize multiple sources within one central interface, Admins can expand the information sharing horizon across multiple teams and organizations.

Member Portal: You can now subscribe to RSS Feeds that are enabled by a CSAP administrator. Once you follow a feed source, you can receive all the latest feeds published by the feed source, as well as bookmark or archive it and filter for different views. Moreover, you can initiate feed-based discussions, as well as create and assign actions to other users for the feeds you receive. This will provide you with the ability to directly leverage the information within Feeds, rather than just consuming information.

Feed management: The Admin can now manage and control the three sources-Cyware Feeds, RSS Feeds Bundle, and Partner Feeds Bundle. The auto-deliver feature brings to you threat data from different open and trusted sources to deliver valuable and actionable threat intelligence. While the open-source RSS Feeds Bundle has different categories such as threat advisories, malware, vulnerabilities, and so on, the Partner Feeds Bundle includes threat intelligence feeds from Cyware Partners such as Flashpoint. Our partnership with Flashpoint and other security leaders will help expand the horizon of threat data sharing, enabling the Members to consume feeds brought by Cyware Partners on CSAP.

Access to members: The Partner Feeds, which are shared as Alerts, are available to the Members. However, the Admin can configure with whom they want to share the Alerts and whether they want to auto publish or save them in drafts.

Multiple feed sources: We have broadened our information-sharing capabilities by aggregating feeds from a wide variety of sources and different partners.

Taking action: The Members consuming RSS Feeds can now take action, discuss on the feed with other Members, or export any feed via Action, Messenger, and Export options respectively.

Quick alert dissemination: As the Admin can control the dissemination of Cyware, RSS, and partner feeds, the process of sharing threat alerts becomes faster. This will allow users to receive early malware and vulnerability warnings and improve their situational awareness and resilience.

Streamlined information sharing: Both the Admin and the Members can share and receive precise and relevant threat information in real-time, making the end-users aware of the latest threats.

Ease of collaboration: The new features in the CSAP Member Portal make Cyware and its partners work in a collaborative ecosystem, helping them engage in group-level discussion to share threat insights and learnings in a trusted environment.

The updated CSAP Analyst Portal and Member Portal equip security teams with a mature approach to cybersecurity and uniquely positions Cyware in the information sharing ecosystem. CSAP users can now gain contextual awareness of threats and maximize their security preparedness against threats by sharing threat intelligence with their peers and stakeholders in a collaborative manner.

Posted on: October 14, 2021

Originally published at https://cyware.com.