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3 min readJul 15, 2021

The Cyware Threat Intelligence eXchange (CTIX) empowers security teams with threat intelligence to proactively counter potential threats even before they impact the systems and networks of an organization. Having access to real-time metrics on the threat intelligence collected by security teams is essential to drive change in an organization’s cybersecurity posture. CTIX now comes with a newly revamped Dashboard that provides security teams with the ability to monitor their operations in real-time and fill any potential loopholes or bottlenecks in their threat intel activities.

What benefits does it provide?

The CTIX application now comes with a revamped, interactive, customizable, and rotating Dashboard. This provides numerous benefits such as:

  • Improved real-time visibility and accessibility to the KPIs and KRIs that are critical to analyzing an organization’s threat environment.
  • Contextualized, role-based insights using Custom Dashboards and customizable widgets to help analysts achieve their objectives.
  • Improved threat intel communication and collaboration by exporting dashboard in various formats.
  • Collective visibility for the security team using the new Rotating dashboards on your SOC screens.
  • Streamlined governance and analysis for CISOs and other decision-makers by providing a comprehensive visual picture of the threat landscape.
  • Enhanced operationalization of threat intel by identifying the trends and actionable insights from intel collected via different sources.

How does it work?

The benefits of the new Dashboard are manifested through the addition of various new features such as:

  • New Widgets: The Dashboard now comes with a variety of newly designed widgets to highlight different metrics as per the requirements of the users. They also have an option to further drill down on the widgets for more information. CTIX users can also choose to display the data within widgets in a variety of formats like heatmap, bubble, treemap, table, stacked column vertical, stacked bar vertical, donut, or Venn diagrams. They can also change the axis of their charts to get a different view of the widget data.
  • Custom Dashboard: Along with upgraded widgets, CTIX also enables users to create their own dashboard by adding the widgets and layout of their choice, apart from the system default dashboards for MITRE ATT&CK Navigator, Rules Dashboard, Feeds ROI, and Analyst dashboard.
  • Rotating/Stationary Dashboards: CTIX users can choose between a static or a rotating dashboard that switches between different groups of widgets at a set interval.
  • Drill down: CTIX allows users to view in-depth metrics by drilling down on a widget and also going to the source behind it, thereby providing comprehensive visibility and facilitating detailed analysis of threat data.
  • Dark mode: The CTIX Dashboard can now be visualized in a Dark mode or Light mode to provide a comfortable viewing experience for analysts.
  • Share/Export Dashboards: CTIX users now have the ability to edit, clone, or share their Dashboard with other users. They can also export their Dashboard data via emails or PDF files.


With a series of enhancements in the new Dashboard, CTIX provides an interactive and all-encompassing view of the threat intelligence collected and processed by security teams. CTIX has taken yet another step toward demystifying threat intelligence operations for organizations worldwide.

Posted on: July 12, 2021

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